Blackmagic Design Studio Camera 6K Pro

Blackmagic Design Studio Camera 6K Pro, Studio Camera with Larger 6K Super 35 Sensor and EF Mount, Built-in ND filters allow you to reduce the amount of light hitting the sensor, allowing you to film in variable light conditions, even in bright sunlight, Built-in streaming function, 2G-SDI, HDMI and 10G Ethernet connections, All connections can be connected via a single, Significantly cheaper cable into an SMPTE fibre-optic workflow, Effective sensor size: 23.10 mm x 12.99 mm (Super 35), Lens mount: active EF lens mount, Iris control: Iris, focus, zoom with supported lenses, Dynamic range: 13 stops, Dual Native ISO: 0 dB and 18 dB gain, Sensitivity at 0 dB gain: f11 at 2160p/59.94, f12 at 2160p/50, 2000 lux at 89.9 % reflection, Signal to noise ratio: 64.62 dB at 2160p, Ultra HD scaled from 5.3K, Resolutions for recording: 6144 x 3456 (6K) up to 50 fps, 6144 x 2560 (6K 2.4:1) up to 60 fps, 5376 x 3024 (5.3K 16:9) up to 60 fps, 3840 x 2160 (Ultra HD) up to 60 fps, Video output standards: 2160p, 1080p, 1080i, Frame rates: Supported project frame rates 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94 and 60 fps., Offspeed frame rates 5-50 fps in 6K and 5-60 fps for all other recording resolutions, Built-in ND filters: IR ND filters with the 4 positions: Clear (no filter), 2 stops, 4 stops and 6 stops., Focusing: Autofocus available when using compatible lenses, Screen dimensions: 7"" with 1920 x 1200 pixels, Screen type: LCD with capacitive touchscreen, Screen brightness: 2000 cd/m², Controls: Touch screen for camera settings and menus plus command dial, programme button, assignable function keys F1, F2 and F3, rotary controls for brightness, contrast and peaking, Mounting options: 2 x 1/4-inch tripod thread, 1 x 3/8-inch tripod thread, Built-in stereo microphone, 1 Built-in mono speaker, Live tally indicators: 1 front indicator, visible to performer / 1 rear indicator, visible to the operator, Included software: Blackmagic Camera Setup software for Mac and Windows, Operating systems: Mac Monterey 12.0, Mac Ventura 13.0 or higher / Windows 10, 64 bit, Power supply: 1 external 12V DC power supply for 60W, Power inputs: 1 lockable 12V DC socket for 5.5 mm hollow plug, 1 Four-pin XLR 12V DC socket for external power supply or battery charging, 1 RJ45 Ethernet port for power from PoE power supplies type 4, Power consumption: 32 - 52 W via DC socket, 38 - 59 W via PoE port, Dimensions: 273.6 x 199 x 167.3 mm (camera), 113.7 x 35.5 mm (tripod mount), Weight: 1940 g (camera), 525 g (tripod mount), Includes Blackmagic Studio Camera lens hood, matching tripod mount for 15mm lightweight rails, tripod support plate, module locking cap, 12V DC power supply with locking mechanism and matching international plug adapters for most [email protected][email protected]+*Standards:*@[email protected]+, HD video standards: 1080p/23.98; 1080p/24; 1080p/25; 1080p/29.97; 1080p/30; 1080p/50; 1080p/59.94; 1080p/60; 1080i/50; 1080i/59.94; 1080i/60., Ultra HD video standards: 2160p/23.98; 2160p/24; 2160p/25; 2160p/29.97;...

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